The View of The World

With Drone720X

See the world from new heights. Snap pictures and shoot video from the skies


720P Resolution
30 FPS

Battery Life

Max Flight Time
8 Minutes


Max Speed
49 mph (22 m/s)

Control Range

Max Range
70 M

We Are Drone720X - Get High With Us

Drones are mini flying machines you pilot yourself. They can do everything from performing stunts and flips to taking photographs and shooting video.

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New Features

Introducing the Drone720X HD Photo & Video

easy to operate

Built-in flight controls help to keep your drones steady and easier to control.

Stable Video Output

Capture, record and enjoy your adventures with crisp 720p photos and video.

Live Video Stream

Stream live video straight to your smart phone and watch the world fly by.

Altitude Control

You can easily set your drone to hover over the configured altitude.

Live Streaming View

Want to film something that moves? Selected drones can give you live streaming. Follow exciting targets and avoid collisions on the way.

Start Flying with Drone720X

Perfect for first time flyers and all kinds of fun and games.


with Live HD Camera

$ 99

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Extra Propeller Blades Set

$ 9

Drone Fast Car Charger

$ 25

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